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Gas boiler low nitrogen reform

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1. Pilot demonstration area: Furong District and Yuhua District will start pilot demonstrations in March 2019, and strive to complete the 60% transformation task in August and complete the acceptance. Complete the renovation and completion of all gas boilers (facilities) by the end of June 2020. acceptance.

2. Tasks in 2019: Except for Furong District and Yuhua District, other jurisdictions within the high-polluted fuel-free zone will be re-engineered from June 2019 to complete the low-nitrogen transformation of 50% gas boilers (facilities) and complete the acceptance.

3. 2020 Task: Complete all low-nitrogen conversion of gas-fired boilers (facilities) within the high-pollution fuel-free zone before the end of October 2020, and complete the acceptance.

Subsidy and incentive policy

According to the “Changsha Gas boiler (Facilities) Low Nitrogen Transformation Subsidy Fund Management Measures (Trial)”, the gas boiler (construction) low-burning reform and acceptance of qualified units will be funded.

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