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Five characteristics of gas boilers

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First, the structure is simple, flexible installation

The modular concept of the modular furnace is equivalent to splitting a single large boiler into several small boilers (less than 1 m3 in volume). Therefore, it can be said that the module boiler can reach the scale of a single boiler of any steaming ton by the "simple parallel combination" in quantity. Therefore, the modular furnace can replace the various types of heating and hot water boilers below 10 steam.

Second, long life and easy maintenance

The main reason for the long life of the module furnace is the use of cast iron flakes. At present, most of the large single boilers use steel furnace flakes. It is well known that cast iron is much better than acid and alkali and oxygen corrosive. National standards stipulate that the life of steel stoves is 14 years, while the life of cast iron stoves can be up to 50 years. Of course, the life of the module furnace is also due to factors such as reasonable operation management, correct operation, and good daily maintenance. The modular furnace has a complete set of rigorous scientific operation management and control systems, and the company will provide technical training to operators to ensure safe and correct operation.

Third, the control system is perfect, the operation is safe and reliable

Modular boilers generally have the following devices to ensure safe use:

1 flame anti-burning switch;

2 anti-leakage gas solenoid valve with excellent switching performance;

3 anti-fouling switch;

4 high temperature limiter;

5 fully automatic ignition device;

6 gas leak detection linkage (optional);

7 safety valve;

Fourth, clean, environmentally friendly, low noise

The air and gas mixture of the module furnace is sent to the furnace through the blower, and the blower creates a lot of noise, causing sound pollution and worsening the working environment of the employees. The combustion method of the module boiler is atmospheric combustion, and does not require a blower. Therefore, the noise is very low, and only a slight "whistling" sound is heard when burning, and there is no other sound.

Most of the modular boiler burners are made of special aluminized steel burner materials. The aerodynamic process is specially designed to ensure the efficient combustion of gas. The actual test shows that the combustion efficiency is over 98%. Sufficient combustion reduces combustion products—low levels of nitrogen oxides in the flue gas and less environmental pollution.

V. Climate compensation and low cost:

The outdoor temperatures vary from month to month during the heating season, and the outdoor temperatures vary from day to hour in the same day. The heat demand of buildings varies widely. The intelligent central controller is equipped with an indoor temperature sensor and a water temperature sensor. It collects the indoor ambient temperature signal and the heating automatically calculates the optimal outlet temperature in real time, and controls the number of modules put into operation. It saves the stability of the room temperature and greatly saves fuel, which significantly reduces the fuel. Operating costs.

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