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Gas hot water boiler

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Introduction to the five major components of gas hot water boilers
1.  the control system: the configuration of the special micro-computer controller for hot water boilers, large screen full Chinese LCD screen, with super bright backlight, no matter the day and night, the boiler operating state is clearly visible. Complete display: circulating pump working condition, burner working condition, furnace water temperature, water level, current time, alarm record, etc., boiler operating status is readily available; easy to set up: after the boiler is turned on, the operator can enter freely through 6 buttons Standby state (setting), entering running state (starting), exiting running state (stopping), setting the running parameters freely while in standby state; full-featured: arbitrarily setting current time, alarm temperature, water temperature upper limit temperature, Operating parameters such as water temperature lower limit temperature, circulating pump opening temperature, circulating pump closing temperature, boiler switching time (which can be divided into 4 time periods). Usually, the operator only needs to press the “Start” button to start the machine, and press the “Stop” button to stop. It is very simple.


 Second, the combustion system: the original imported burner, automatic program control, automatic fan cleaning, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion of oil and gas, automatic adjustment of wind oil (gas), good atomization effect, full combustion, energy saving and environmental protection, It has a flameout protection device to ensure safe combustion. Under normal conditions, the burner output automatically adjusts the length of the combustion flame according to the boiler temperature. When the boiler outlet temperature reaches the set value, the burner automatically stops burning. When the temperature is lower than the set value, the burner automatically starts to work. When the fuel, abnormal air inlet, etc. occur, the fault light is on, the program control device will immediately stop outputting the fuel, and the burner will automatically stop.


 3. boiler body: The boiler structure is designed according to normal pressure. The top is provided with atmospheric holes. The boiler works under normal pressure and is away from the explosion hazard. The boiler furnace body is optimized by computer simulation, which fully optimizes the size of the boiler and makes the shape harmonious. . The CLHS vertical boiler adopts the burner under-burning mode. The fuel is burned under the micro-positive pressure in the furnace. The high-temperature flue gas is radiated and exchanged in the furnace, and then enters the convective heat exchange of the pyrotechnic tube, and finally discharged through the upper smoke box. The flue pipe is inserted with a baffle to slow down the flue gas discharge speed, strengthen the heat transfer, ensure the heat generated by the fuel combustion to maximize the heating of the boiler water, and greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler; the CWNS horizontal boiler adopts a full wet back type three return process. Structure, long flue gas flow, lower exhaust gas temperature, full corrugated furnace setting, strong flame disturbance, strong heat transfer coefficient, and effectively prevent the life of equipment from decreasing due to thermal expansion and contraction of metal; large diameter smoke The gap between the tube and the large hole bridge makes the scale coating thin and easy to clean in an equal time.


 4. Multiple protection: The boiler has multiple safety protections: leakage protection means leakage current automatically cuts off the power supply; overheat protection means that when the boiler water temperature reaches the alarm temperature, the burner is automatically stopped and an alarm is issued; the secondary overheat protection means that the boiler casing temperature exceeds 105 °C. When the secondary circuit is automatically cut off, the boiler stops working; the anti-dry protection means that the water level electrode rod monitors the water level in real time. For other reasons, when the boiler water level reaches or falls below the extremely low water level, the boiler stops working to prevent the dry burning from being dangerous.


5. Packaging insulation: white color plate packaging, beautiful and generous, good sealing resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical and electrical integration, small footprint, easy to use. The use of glass wool for the whole body insulation, light weight, good insulation effect, less heat loss.

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