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Coal-fired boilers eliminated

release time: 2019-05-14 13:13:49 page view: 1004

“It is very necessary to eliminate coal-fired small boilers! It can reduce pollution, and it is safer and more insulated, and saves coal yards.” The person in charge of Huamei Laundry Co., Ltd. said frankly, “The elimination of coal-fired boilers has indeed increased the cost, but The long-term development of the company is definitely beneficial." Since the project was completed and put into production at the beginning of this year, it has undertaken heating and compressed air in the Pujiang Economic Development Zone, Punan Street, Huangzhai Town and Yantou Town, replacing the small capacity, low parameters, high energy consumption and pollution control. Difficult coal-fired small boilers to achieve centralized heating and thermal power to promote industrial economic development.

According to reports, up to now, Pujiang Cogeneration Project has built the hot network west line, the hot network Pan house line and the hot network yellow house line, a total of about 25 kilometers of pipe network, covering 25 enterprises, the maximum external heat supply is 150 In tons/hour, the total external heating capacity reached 2,500 tons per day, which effectively improved the quality of the industrial environment and realized the full coverage of clean energy of enterprises in the Pujiang Development Zone.

Accelerate the remediation of the atmospheric environment to ensure that blue sky and white clouds are always there. In 2017, Pujiang formulated a “everything must” campaign to organize a “gas-dust combination” campaign focusing on clean energy and industrial air pollution prevention and control. According to the Pujiang environmental monitoring data, last year, the air quality in Pujiang City reached 310 days, the air excellent rate was 84.9%, and the average annual concentration of PM2.5 was 38 micrograms per cubic meter. "Planning air quality goals.

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