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Biomass boiler discharge

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John energy-saving boiler structure diagram, high-temperature gasification boiler is to solve the problem of NOx emissions by using sealed feed technology + (water-cooled grate + reciprocating grate technology) + adiabatic combustion technology + NOx high-temperature reduction technology.

1. The NOx original emission using the above technology can generally be controlled within 200mg/m3, and the urea water reduction can directly achieve 50mg/m3 or less.

2. Control NOx emissions: First, control the synthesis of NOx, and second, control the reduction of already formed NOx to N2. The amount of control synthesis is mainly to control the excess amount of combustion air in the combustion chamber, the amount of excess air is low, and the amount of NOx formation is small.

3, sealed feeding technology, water-cooled grate + reciprocating grate are to control the air excess of the combustion chamber, and reduce the damage of high temperature air to the grate, in order to achieve a lower maintenance rate.

4. About NOx high-temperature air reduction technology: Since the main component of NOx in the flue gas is NO, N2 will decompose into NO at 650 °C, so the main work of denitrification is to remove NO. When NO is 850 ° C or higher, it reacts with a reducing gas such as CO, H 2 or CH 4 to reduce it to N 2 .

High-temperature gasification biomass boiler, using high-temperature air combustion technology, adiabatic combustion technology to increase the temperature of the flue gas, we set up a carbon monoxide formation zone in the combustion chamber, using CO and NO reaction, reducing NO to N2, to suppress the formation of nitrogen oxides the goal of. John Energy-efficient Biomass boiler meets the requirements of low carbon environmental protection.

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