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Gas boiler technical indicators

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1. U-shaped flame burning method. Wet back structure, better heat utilization. The low-position combustion chamber is a large-diameter furnace, and the convection heat exchange pipe adopts a threaded pipe, which has good thermal expansion. The enhanced heat transfer spoiler is installed in the pipe, which greatly improves the heat transfer coefficient, effectively breaks the heat transfer boundary layer, and more effectively increases the convective heat transfer amount.

2. The high-temperature flue gas transition zone is in the furnace water, which effectively improves the thermal efficiency; the front and rear tube sheets of the front and rear tube sheets of the shell and the tube and the furnace shell are respectively connected with a “T”-type welded joint structure. The tension pipe and the pipe plate are connected to the groove to strengthen the connection, have good sealing performance, minimum thermal stress, and improve the stress condition of the pipe plate, thereby improving the running stability and service life of the unit.

3. The area of ​​the smoke flow is reduced in turn, so that the smoke flow is optimal, the smoke resistance is small, and the heat is distributed reasonably, thereby improving the thermal efficiency of the unit.

4. The front of the furnace is equipped with an observation hole to make it easier to observe the state of flame combustion.

5. The top cigarette case adopts a wet structure, which makes full use of the residual heat of the flue gas and eliminates the smoke leakage.

6. The boiler has ample heating area, the internal pressure of the furnace is low, and the overload capacity is strong. Under the rated load, the diameter and length of the furnace are determined according to the characteristics of the shape of the flame when the fuel is burned. Not only is the unit's fuel adaptable, but it also has an absolutely abundant heating area and high thermal efficiency.

7. The furnace back pressure is low, can adapt to the international brand burner, and has greater overload capacity under the combustion machine output-boiler furnace back pressure curve. When the boiler room is arranged, the chimney is equipped with imported well-known brand burners under the normal setting conditions, so that the output of the unit is sufficient and high reliability. Especially in the case of severe conditions, the performance is superior, and the overload capacity of the product is fully designed and fully utilized. .

8. Welding process: The advanced technology of pre-expansion, full-welding and then expansion is used to prevent pipe gap corrosion and enhance welding strength.

9. Intelligent control technology: realize automatic unattended operation and automatic operation of the unit. With temperature compensation function, the unit water temperature can be automatically adjusted according to the outdoor temperature. Use is more energy efficient.

10. Fully quick screw connection package design: easy to disassemble and repair the unit.

11. The boiler body is galvanized to ensure clean water and no corrosion of the body. Extends the service life.

12. Non-cutting extruded fin tube technology: increase the heat receiving area of ​​the heat exchanger and enhance heat transfer.

13. Large furnace technology: effectively increase the radiation heating area of ​​the unit and reduce NOx emissions.

14. Large smoke pipe technology: reduce the resistance of smoke flow and reduce power consumption.

15. Spoiler technology: enhance heat transfer and improve thermal efficiency.

16. Two-component insulation coating technology: A good insulation effect is achieved with a large thickness of insulation material, saving fuel.

17. Automatic structure design index of automatic vertical atmospheric gas hot water boiler

18. CLHS series vertical gas atmospheric hot water boiler. The boiler is powered by natural gas and its working pressure is zero.

19. CLHS series gas boilers are fully automatic and can be switched to manual operation.

20. CLHS type boiler, the shape is upright cylindrical, consisting of combustion chamber, furnace, tube bundle, drum, refractory, insulation material, outer casing, burner, automatic computer control system, water supply system, valve and instrument. .

21. Vertical layout, compact structure, reducing boiler footprint, generally only 40%-60% of horizontal boiler room area, reducing user investment costs.

22. The burner is placed on the top of the boiler or on the underside of the shell to inject flame into the combustion chamber. In a well-designed combustion chamber, there is sufficient space and sufficient burning time to allow all combustible materials in the light oil to be fully burned. Therefore, in the CLHS series gas-fired boiler products, the concentration of soot and sulfur dioxide in the flue gas discharged from the chimney is negligible, which is much lower than GB13271 "boiler Air Pollution Emission Standard" and GB3095 "Atmospheric Environmental Quality Standard, The highest allowable value for a type of area. There is no ash and slag discharge. Therefore, using this series of oil-fired boilers, the environment can be protected without pollution.

23. The heat exchange in the flue gas process is sufficient. The fuel completes (atomizing) the entire process of ignition, combustion, and burnout in the combustion, and becomes a high-temperature flue gas. After the inner wall of the combustion chamber (furnace) and the water pipe absorb most of the heat of the marriage, the smoke flows into the bundle of tobacco tubes immersed in the water. The pipe bundle absorbs a portion of the flue gas heat and reaches the upper chamber, which leads to the sky and takes it out of the chimney. Therefore, the flue gas flow of the oil-fired boiler of this series of models can fully utilize the heat contained in the flue gas, reduce the exhaust gas temperature and improve the thermal efficiency.

24. The important part of the boiler - the burner, using world famous brand products. It is characterized by micro-positive pressure burning, fully automatic operation, and can also be switched to manual operation. Low noise during operation. According to the change of gas consumption and pressure, the water supply, gas quantity and air volume can be automatically adjusted in proportion to make the boiler always in the best condition. Therefore, the optimal ratio of the fuel consumption of the boiler to the heat output of the boiler is obtained to achieve the highest boiler thermal efficiency.

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