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ZOZEN new biomass boiler

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Green development is undoubtedly the main theme of the development of today's world. The use of renewable clean energy - biomass fuel will also be the general trend. At the same time, the biomass boiler industry will also face enormous challenges and opportunities. The new generation of biomass boiler jointly developed by ZOZEN boiler and Shanghai Jiaotong University has taken the lead in solving the common problems of traditional biomass boilers and has reached advanced levels in terms of product technology, performance and environmental protection indicators.

ZOZEN boiler: a pioneer in the biomass boiler industry

Biomass boilers use biomass energy as fuel to achieve zero emissions of sulfur dioxide and are environmentally friendly boilers. However, due to the complex composition of biomass fuels, many biomass boilers have problems such as furnace arch collapse, furnace door burnout, hopper ignition, and fouler coking. For many years, they have been plagued by major boiler manufacturers.

ZOZEN boiler always adheres to technological innovation and has the courage to make breakthroughs. It has cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University to develop and design a new generation of biomass boilers. R & D personnel solved the common problems of traditional biomass boilers by increasing the height of the furnace, accelerating the speed of the grate, adding the soot blowing device in the convection area, and designing the automatic hydraulic cleaning system at the bottom of the grate. The workload of the material boiler operation maintenance personnel.

At the same time, the biomass boiler fuel produced by ZOZEN boiler has wide applicability and can be applied to various fuels such as biomass pellets, wood chips, palm shells and straws. ZOZEN boiler technicians optimize the design of the feed hopper, the width of the grate, the speed of the grate reducer, the ratio of the primary and secondary winds, and the position and direction of the secondary air vent according to different fuel characteristics. Ensure efficient and energy-saving operation of the boiler.

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