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  • Capacity : 4-90t/2.8-63 MW
  • Pressure ≤3.82MPa
  • Natural Gas,Biogas,Heavy Oil,Light Oil
  • Textile Industry,Paper Plant, Food & Beverage,Heating Supply

SZS series gas (oil) hot water boiler product introduction

The SZS series gas (oil) boiler is a double drum, vertical type, D-type arrangement structure, the right side is the furnace, the left side is the convection tube bundle; the movable support in the middle and the two ends of the lower drum is fixed on the chassis of the body, and is guaranteed The boiler as a whole expands to both ends. The membrane is surrounded by a membrane water wall, and the membrane water wall on the left side of the furnace completely seals the furnace and the convection tube bundle. The rear part of the convection tube bundle is a staggered staggered structure, and the front part is an in-line structure. The gas enters the combustion chamber and the convection tube bundle from the outlet of the furnace tail, and then turns from the front left side of the boiler into the spiral finned tube economizer, and finally enters the flue to the atmosphere.

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